Sunday, 18 November 2012

Royal Winter Fair

10-20 Minute Studies:

While I was drawing that first horse, an older man came up to me and said “I took a quiz on Facebook to find out what kind of horse I would be, and it came up as this one. I was hoping to be this other horse, but these are good ones too”
I smiled and nodded, not really sure what the heck to say to that, then he asked, “So, you draw?”

1-5 Minute Gestures and Sketches:

If you look closely you might be able to tell which horse this slightly inappropriate, but funny nonetheless, story is about:
So, there I am, drawing this Newfoundland Pony, there’s two older ladies next to me watching him, when another lady comes into his pen and starts wiping him down, because, she says, it’s really warm in here. That’s cool, I don’t mind.
She starts wiping his bum, still fine, I don’t judge.
Then the pony starts acting weird, the other two ladies exclaim “Oh! He’s doing the nose thing! You must have hit a sweet spot back there!”
“Oh!”, says the lady wiping him, “Is he doing the nose thing?”
I have no idea what any of these ladies are talking about, I keep drawing the pony, I look down: he’s suddenly sporting a massive erection.
I turn to my friend and ask, “Do I draw that? Because it wasn’t there a minute ago”

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